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Washington state students, families and educators have been fighting for high quality public school options for years. In both 2012 and 2016 their voices were heard: With support from Washington voters and bipartisan elected leaders, high quality public charter schools are now available in our state’s largest cities, and are in demand across Washington.

Unfortunately, the lawsuit El Centro de la Raza v. Washington is attempting to once again undermine parents’ ability to secure the best possible education for their children. This time, cynical lobbyists are attempting to ignore the legislative process, the will of Washington voters, and the needs of our students in a political vendetta against the concept of school choice. The case is an attempt to threaten the existence of schools designed to address equity and opportunity gaps facing low income and minority students in Washington so that powerful lobbying interests can maintain their power and influence.

This site was created to help Washington families, teachers, students and community leaders learn about El Centro de la Raza v. Washington and why we’re fighting for schools already effectively serving thousands of students across our state.

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