The Families

Shirline Wilson

shirline-wilsonShirline is from Seattle, Washington, and has a 12-year-old son, Miles, enrolled in Rainier Prep. Miles was diagnosed with ADHD and suffered from deep performance anxiety in his local district school. Within one year at Rainier Prep, Miles confidence has been restored, as he learns in an environment where teachers, staff, school leaders and community members care about him and believe in his ability to achieve.

Jennifer Diane Lee

wac-_0007_jennJennifer is from Mead, Washington, and her daughter Angie attends Spokane International Academy (“SIA”). Angie has oral apraxia, developmental delays and is completely non-verbal, a need her neighborhood school was unresponsive to, causing Angie to be bullied and fall behind academically. SIA was able to provide Angie with one-on-one aid in the general classroom and work with her independently on her sign language skills, making school a place where she is happy, loves learning and is thriving academically.

Heidi and Scott Mitchell

wac-mitchelHeidi and Scott are from Spokane, Washington, and have a 13-year-old son, JD, who attends PRIDE Prep. JD was diagnosed with a mild case of phonetic dyslexia, causing him to feel very little confidence in his ability to learn or succeed and was ineligible for any additional support through this traditional district school. JD’s experience at PRIDE Prep has transformed his confidence. JD now expresses excitement to share the new information he has learned with his family, who are moved to tears at by their gratefulness for his huge academic improvements.

Darcelina Soloria

wac-_0002_darceliaDarcelina is from Spokane, Washington, and her 6-year-old son, Kai, attends Spokane International Academy (“SIA”). In Kai’s first year of school at SIA, he has developed a love for reading and math and an ability to answer addition questions his equally bright neighbor in second grade at their local elementary school cannot. Not only is Kai achieving academically, he also is learning social awareness skills about his impact on those around him in his community, city and state.

Eduardo Pacheco

wac-_0003_ed-panchecoEduardo and his wife live in Yakima, Washington, and their daughter Ava is currently enrolled in Discovery Lab School, a considerable distance from the family’s home. Without the Charter Schools Act, people living within the Yakima School District have limited public school options available in their hometown. Ed supports the Charter Schools Act because it provides the opportunity for charter public schools to operate in the Yakima area and brings hope to the community that their children can finally receive a quality education.

Natalie Hester

natalie-updated-pictureNatalie lives in Seattle, Washington, and her 15-year-old daughter currently attends Summit Sierra charter public school. Natalie’s daughter struggled in mathematics at her local district school, and while the teachers claimed there was nothing else they could do to help her, Natalie was confident that under the right circumstances her daughter would be capable of succeeding in math. Since beginning school at Summit Sierra, Natalie’s daughter has immensely benefited from the school’s personalized learning plan, allowing her to keep working at math until she masters the skills and build her confidence.

Delanas “Del” Johnson


Del lives in Seattle, Washington, and his son, Jalen, is enrolled in Summit Sierra. After Jalen began attending their local public school, Del became interested in exploring other high-quality educational environments. Del appreciates how Summit Sierra nurtures Jalen’s passion for learning and the school’s commitment to a diverse environment. Now, not only does Jalen learn specific education subjects more quickly, he does so while viewing them from different perspectives among peers from different backgrounds.

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